Saturday, June 27, 2009

The new Cafe Project.

Well I picked up a 1979 Honda CB650 that I am going to turn into a nice cafe racer asap. It has straight bars on it now but that will be short lived as I have ordered some nice drop bars off of Carpy.
Has a tad of a cam chain noise that is annoying and I have allready adjusted it to the best of my abilities...for now. Aside from the noise and having to rewire the tail light it is good to go!

It should end up looking something like this....very, very soon!


  1. Cool,kiddo! I wonder if you could write a grant to study engine repair and the affect on home life in southern

  2. hahaha, it turns my wee ones into little motor heads! Shelby is quite good with her hands and handles basic tools well enough to unscrew the tail lights off her power wheels jeep!....and shes only 16 months old!!!